Friday, May 10, 2013


Acceptance, it's a word that's been tossed around a lot lately in my "Down syndrome mommy" groups.  I'll cut to the chase, we want acceptance for our extra chromosome cuties, but at the same time we're pissed off we even have to fight for it to begin with.

For example, this week one of my mom friends opened up about how while she was shopping around  for a pre-school for her "typical" daughter, she casually asked if they also accept kids with Down syndrome. She was told flat out, "no." To make matters worse, the explanation she was given was, "Their condition is too severe." Excuse me? You can bet that had all us mamas fired up. We all concluded a letter to the school explaining why their policy was quite frankly, appalling was the best course of action.

I'm not going to waste my time explaining why that explanation they gave is beyond ignorant. I hope the majority of people reading this get it. Also, there was a happy ending, one of the schools this mom looked at said, not only accept kids with Down syndrome, but love having kids with Down syndrome.

I've had people tell me, "Carl is doing so well, maybe he'll be in a regular classroom." Again, excuse me? I think, they think, they are paying us a complement? I think? Instead I'm hurt and insulted. I'm sure no one has ever questioned if their normal chromosome count kid will be fine in a "regular" classroom.  No one has questioned that with Sophia. Why are you singling out my son? I get it, I know he's going to have some delays, I know he's going to have to work a little harder at some things. I'm not naive, but at the same time I have no doubt, my son will be in the same classroom as your kids. He's already proven he's one hell of a fighter.

These are just a couple of the oh so lovely comments moms and I get about our little ones. So in conclusion, here's what I hope you got out this. People who are differently-able deserve the same love, acceptance, and RESPECT as you and me. Please, please don't assume they can't do something.  As a mother with a differently-abled child, I'm annoyed I have to write this to begin with.

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  1. Wow! What ignorance your friend experienced! Clearly that preschool is very Uneducated! The only burden I feel with have a child with DS is having to deal with the ignorance and assumptions from society!