Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Great Weekend with a Sour Ending...

Welcome March! And welcome 60 degree temperatures! We took full advantage of last weekend's weather.  On Saturday I took the kids to the park with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. The park was of course packed.  It was cute, my mother-in-law made a dash for an open swing and resevered it for Sophia. Carl hung out attached to me in his carrier with his adorable little hat on.  Then the ice cream truck showed up. (I know already, right?) I tried to "hide" it from Sophia, but half the playground kids lost their minds and started screaming ice cream! Well, that was the end of that. Guess who got ice cream? Alright, I did too.

Sunday my husband was off, so we took the kids to the zoo and met up with my husband's best friend and his kids. The weather could not be more beautiful and the zoo could not be more of well, a zoo. We have a membership so we go all the time, and I mean all the time. I could give tours with my eyes closed.  The day was great and we decided to continue to enjoy the weather by going home and having a bar-b-que. So I headed to the grocery store to get food.

Well, that's when things went sour. While I was in the store, I put my purse in the kid seat.... dumb.  While in the bread aisle I wanted to grab some hamburger rolls, but there were only a few left and all the way on the top self against the wall. Another woman was beside me and I mentioned I wanted that bread and she said she did too. So I said I would try to grab it for us. Well, while I was grabbing the bread, she helped herself to my wallet. Ugh!

I didn't notice until was about to check out and that's when the panic set in. I went to customer service where they looked at me dumbfounded. I had to insist they call security and police.  I knew it happened in that damn bread aisle and sure enough, that's where security pulled up the surveillance video. It was all, there.

To speed things up, the first responding officer recognized the woman on the surveillance as someone she went to school with.  Thanks to a clear shot of the woman's face and knowing her first name, police were able to pull up mug shots and I was able to ID her. In the meantime, I canceled all my cards, and there was only about $10 in my purse. Detectives have enough for an arrest warrant. So this saga is far from over. What is wrong with people?

Not to end on a sour note.... let's end this with a new family picture.

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